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CLI use case

In order for these commands to work, you must execute sudo su - first then type in your command.

System Commands:

box help - Display help information of the CLI tool

box update quickbox - Updates QuickBox Lite

box clean mem - Clean System memory

box clean log - Clean App installation log in /src/dashboard/db/output.log

box set interface - Setup network interface to be monitoring

box set mount - Setup primary mount point for disk status widget on dashboard

box fix dpkg - Resolve installation lock, dpkg lock and /install/.install.lock will be removed

box fix time - Synchronize time of NTP server

box fix interface - Reset network interface information on dashboard

box fix home - Update user home directory permissions

box lang <country code> - Setup dashboard language. Available languages: English, Danish, Germany, Spanish, French, Chinese

Application Commands:

box install - Batch install applications

box install <app name> - Install a application, for more usage, type in box install <app name> -h

box remove <app name> - Uninstall a application

box update <app name> - Update a application

Misc Commands:

box troubleshoot - Generate a log for troubleshooting

box install lecert -d <domain> - Create and install a Let's Encrypt Cert

box unban <IP adress> - Unban blocked IP address when denyhosts or fail2ban installed

box iotest - Perform a full IO test, for more usage, type in box iotest -h