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One Key Setup RAID in Hetzner (RAID0)

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This method is only available to Hetzner dedicated servers with soft RAID (hard RAID is not supported), multiple HDDs and all HDDs of the same size.

For example, you can use this command for 2*3TB HDDs, 4*4TB HDDs, 2*NVMe SSDs, etc.; Please do not use this command for following cases: SSD+HDD or 1T SSD + 2T SSD.

Turn on rescue (rescue mode) in Hetzner control panel, then reboot the server in reset, then access the server with SSH and enter the following command line directly:

echo x | installimage -p /boot:ext3:1G,/:ext4:all -l 0 -r yes -i images/Debian-1010-buster-64-minimal.tar.gz  -a -n Hz && reboot

The advantage of this command over other tutorials is that it requires no interaction at all, no partition modification, system selection, etc. Just copy - paste - hit enter and you're done.