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SeedBox Tips

Commonly used dedicated server / seedbox

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  • OneProvider

    When used as a seedbox is generally bought OP France Paris machine, Paris machines are basically resold Scaleway machines. Cheap machines are basically outdated hardware, hard drive power-on time of 30,000 to 70,000 hours is a common occurrence, the price can not ask for too much.

  • Online(Now named Scaleway)

    It used to be called, but now it should be called Scaleway Dedibox Its price is very high, it is recommended to buy the special-model during the sale, or buy the older model of OneProvider

  • Hetzner

    The biggest feature is the true 1Gbps at this price. Non-auction machine installation fees are more expensive, but still considered good with such low price.

  • OVH

    OVH is the number one hosting provider in Europe, and one of the best in the world. The price is not cheap, and many machines are not really 1Gbps bandwidth, not suitable for seeding.

  • SoYouStart

    OVH's brand of low-end dedicated server. SYS currently sells machines with a bandwidth of 250/500Mbps, which is not recommended for seeding. OVH/SYS/KS all use the same network.

  • Kimsufi

    OVH's brand of low-end dedicated server. It sells machines with only 100Mbps bandwidth.

  • Ikoula

    It has 1Gbps bandwidth, but not actually unlimited as it says.

  • WalkerServersLink with affwithout aff

    Sales Hz / LW / NF dedicated server, also provide optimization and technical support. The server performances can afford the price.

  • Andy10gbit

    The legendary andy, no official website. He provides optimization and technical support. It is generally recommended to contact him at discord, but the speed of his reply can sometimes be ridiculously slow. He sells the cheapest 1Gbps bandwidth guaranteed OVH servers you can find!

  • FeralHosting

    True unlimited traffic on a 20Gbps shared box, the Seeding experience is entirely dependent on the users on the same host as you.

  • SeedHost

    It sells both shared box and dedicated server which use LeaseWeb.

  • UltraSeedBox

    It used to use YISP and NFOrce, which has good network quality. however, all the packages currently on sale are traffic-limited. It currently uses Novo's network with relatively poor network connectivity.


    It sells both shared box and dedicated server. The shared box uses rTorrent and do not have SSH access.


    One of the few 10/20Gbps unlimited traffic sharing seedbox boxes

  • PulsedMediaLink with affwithout aff

    With poor network connectivity. But sometimes has good promotion.

  • LeaseWeb

    SeedHost/WalkerServers/ sells its servers. The price on the official website is much more expensive than the price sold by reseller.

  • NFOrce

    WalkerServers/ sells its servers. The offer on the official website is also very expensive. NFOrce's network quality is also quite good, although also limited traffic, but only measures the uplink. Adding more traffic is also cheaper than LW.