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Application Information

service namedeluged, deluge-web
service usersame as your dashboard user
Thin Clientyes, via daemon rpc port
configure file location/home/${username}/.config/deluge/core.conf
latest version2.0.3
defalut version1.3.15
available version1.3.15, 2.0.3, development branch

Dependency Information

Deluge requires Libtorrent-Rasterbar

libtorrent versiondeluge version
1.0.x or 1.1.x with Python21.3.15
1.1.x or 1.2.x with Python32.0.3
About Libotrrent 1.2.12

Xenial and Stretch are using Python 3.5, which are no longer supported by Libtorrent version 1.2.12 and later. We will have 1.2.11 installed on the two operating systems。

How to connect to Deluge with thin client?

You can find your connection information on the Connection Manager. Although the localhost connection will be displayed here, you can still control directly via rpc port in thin client.