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Where is the flexget execute file?

The FlexGet is installed under user privilege. So the execution located in /home/${username}/.local/bin. Recommend to run crontab under user privilege. e.g.

# min hour  day month week  user         command
* * * * * ${username} /home/${username}/.local/bin/flexget COMMAND

From version 1.3.5, the FlexGet will provide with pyenv. The execution located in /home/${username}/.local/flexget3/bin/flexget. Here is an example for cronjob

crontab -e -u ${username}
add following things(execute every minute):
# min hour day month week command
*/1 * * * * /home/${username}/.local/flexget3/bin/flexget -c /home/${username}/.config/flexget/config.yml --cron execute

Visit Official document for more information.


You can use to calculate your schedule.


If you see following information

WARNING: `pyenv init -` no longer sets PATH.
Run `pyenv init` to see the necessary changes to make to your configuration.

You can solve it with following code with root privilege

cat > /root/.bash_pyenv <<EOF
# pyenv
export PYENV_ROOT="/opt/pyenv"
export PATH="/opt/pyenv/bin:\$PATH"
eval "\$(pyenv init --path)"